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If you can’t get enough of the arts and want to find dozens of FUN and FREE events, just visit the Chicago Cultural Center and park at Millennium Garages! The Grant Park North garage location is conveniently located near the Cultural Center on the corner of Michigan Avenue and Randolph Street below Grant Park. If you’re a true cultural buff and plan to attend several events this winter season make sure to take advantage of  The Ultimate Parking & Discount Card with 5 parks for $100. Buy Card Here!

[toggle title=”March Events in Theatre, Film, Music, Art’s & Exhibition”] Below please find a list of all the enriching events at The Cultural Center for entertainment in theatre, film, art and music lovers.

Incubator Showcase Performance: Strangeloop Theatre (Chicago Cultural Center – Theater and Dance)  |  Mar 26, 2012  |  312.742.8497  |  Free Admission

But I’m a Cheerleader (Chicago Cultural Center – Film )  |  Mar 7, 2012  | Free Admission
Blue Citrus Hearts (Chicago Cultural Center – Film )  |   Mar 14, 2012  |  Free Admission
ITVS Community Cinema: Revenge of the Electric Car (Chicago Cultural Center – Film )  | Mar 17, 2012  | Free Admission
I Killed My Mother (Chicago Cultural Center – Film )  | Mar 21, 2012  |  312.744.6630  |  Free Admission
Brother Outsider: The Life of Bayard Rustin (Chicago Cultural Center – Film )   |   Mar 28, 2012  |  312.744.6630  |  Free Admission
ITVS Community Cinema: Hell and Back Again (Chicago Cultural Center – Film )   |  Apr 28, 2012  |  312.744.6630  |  Free Admission
ITVS Community Cinema: Strong! (Chicago Cultural Center – Film ) May 19, 2012  |  312.744.6630  |  Free Admission

Art & Exhibitions
Circle of Friends: Autism and the Social Life   | Mar 23, 2012 – May 16, 2012  |  312.744.6630  |  Free Admission 

Eric Holubow: In Decay — Stitching America’s Ruins   | Mar 31, 2012 – Jul 8, 2012  |  312.744.6630  |  Free Admission | This exhibition features photographer Eric Holubow’s highly detailed, ultra-wide-angle photographs.

Come out and listen to a Chicago concert this winter. There are many musical concerts happening this winter at the Chicago cultural center.If you want to listen to music from South America, attend the Young People’s Concerts: Ondas Ensemble. The Ondas Ensemble will perform music from countries such as Argentina and Brazil. The concerts are designed for CPS school group grades K-6. Admission is free but reservations are needed.[/toggle]


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