Tomoaki Suzuki Exhibit presented by the Art Institute of Chicago

Bluhm Family Terrace

May 23 – October 27

Tomoaki Suzuki’s contemporary twist on Japanese wood carving is an exhibit that is not to be missed.  Suzuki’s exhibit displays his portraits of London’s youth at ⅓ their actual size.  The detail of his sculptures are a sight in themselves and process is even more incredible.  Suzuki starts with photographs and drawings of each subject, casts their hands in plaster to get accurate dimensions, sculps the subject in a wooden block, casts the wooden sculptures in bronze, and then painted.  Each sculpture can take up to 3 months to complete.

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Come see Suzuki’s small yet powerful sculptures at the Bluhm Family Terrace conveniently located near Millennium Garages locations.  For more information about pricing and parking locations visit,


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