How many garages are featured?

Millennium Garages currently offers four parking structures located directly underneath Millennium Park and Grant Park. These four garages are the Grant Park North, Grant Park South, Millennium Park Garage, and East Monroe Garage. Currently, the East Monroe Garage is undergoing maintenance and is expected to restart operations in May of 2012.

Is there overnight parking?

All four Millennium Garages offer overnight parking. Each garage posts a different 24 hour parking rate so please check your specific garage’s pricing.

See Pricing Here >>

Where are the vehicle garage entrances?

Grant Park North Garages: There are two entrances; one is Monroe St. and N. Michigan Ave. The second is at Randolph Street and N. Michigan Ave.

Grant Park South Garages: There are two entrances; one is at Congress Parkway and S. Michigan Ave. The second is at Jackson St. and S. Michigan Ave.

Millennium Park Garages: The entrance is located on S. Columbus Dr. between Monroe and Randolph St.

Can I pre-order and reserve parking spot on a one time basis?

Currently, Millennium Garages does not offer one-time reserved parking.  However, please feel free to call our offices for reserved parking availability, see  Contact Us. Millennium Garages features almost 9200 spaces and it is very likely that we can accommodate your parking needs.

How many parking spaces are in each of the garages?

Millennium Garages is the largest parking system in the United States. The Grant Park North Garage features 1,850 spaces; Grant Park South Garage features 1,350 spaces; Millennium Park Garages features 2,126 spaces and East Monroe Garage currently features 3,800 spaces.

How can I find rates for Special Events parking?

Millennium Garages offers different pricing for special events that occur in Millennium Park, Grant Park and surrounding areas. Please check for specific pricing as it is subject to change.

Do you offer any special bundled packaging for weekends?

Currently Millennium Garages does not offer weekend parking packages. However, vehicles may remain in the garages overnight and charges are based on 24-hour periods. Please check your specific garage for these rates.

Are there monthly parking packages?

All garages offer monthly parking rates. See Monthly Parking Rates Here >>

Do any of the garages offer in/out parking?

A monthly parking pass does offer the convenience of unlimited in and out parking 24 hours a day, seven days a week at affordable monthly parking pricing. However, there are no in and out privileges on a daily transient purchase.

I am not familiar with Chicago. How do I know which garage to park in?

All of the Millennium Garages are conveniently located within walking distance of numerous attractions. However, some garages are more conveniently located to special city landmarks.

You should park in the Grant Park North Garage if you are going to:
Millennium Park
Chicago Cultural Center
Hard Rock Hotel
State Street
Navy Pier
Magnificent Mile

You should park in the Grant Park South Garage if you are going to:
Congress Plaza
Chicago Symphony Orchestra
Grant Park
The Auditorium Theatre
Shedd Aquarium
Field Museum
Art Institute
Palmer House Hilton

You should park in the Millennium Park Garages if you are going to:
Millennium Park
Harris Theatre
Blue Cross Blue Shield Building
Grant Park

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